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This is where you will find all my writing courses.

My signature writing course is the Memory to Memoir Complete e-Course: How to Write, Edit, Publish & Market your Life Story

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The Complete Memory to Memoir e-Course

How to Write, Edit, Publish & Market Your Life Story

This e-Course guides you through every stage of the writing, editing, publishing & marketing process. You get all the 10 Modules below for the price of 6! Or you can use the Mix & Match Modules below as a Payment Plan.  Learn More Here or Click on the Button to Buy

Buy Now AUD $599


  • An introductory module for writers of ALL genres
  • Create rituals, habits, improve your productivity with organisational and time management processes
  • Delve into the author mindset and self-care for the writer
  • Tools of the writing trade
  • Bonus resources
  • Highly recommended if you want to write one book or have a career as a writer

Core 1 - Memoir

  • Core 1 and a pre-requisite of the Memory to Memoir e-Course
  • Define life story
  • Challenges of writing a life story and how to overcome them.
  • Writing about difficult people or events
  • Secrets to writing a good memoir (Bonus ebooks)
  • Rewards of writing a life story.
  • Please do this module before you invest in others for life story.
AUD $99

Core 2 - Memoir

  • Core 2 of the Memory to Memoir e-Course
  • Learn the process of writing a book
  • Fun ways to access your memories
  • How to spark ideas
  • How to turn those ideas into a structure
  • Create chapter outlines
  • Know what to include in each
  • Finding your voice and style
  • Offers clarity and confidence to start


AUD $99


  • Optional module but highly recommended
  • How to research & organise your research for life story
  • How to interview for life story
  • Offers tips on field work & travel
  • Discuss genealogy &how researching your family tree can help your story
  • How to weave research into your life story
  • My personal research experiences to help you

Core 3 - Memoir

  • This module is the HEART of the Memory to Memoir e-Course
  • You must have completed Core 1 & 2 before this one
  • How to use a story arc to write a compelling life story
  • Create riveting hooks
  • What to do when facing the blank page
  • How to pad out the details of your life story using narrative elements
  • How to bring your writing alive


  • Not everyone may need this module but it's helpful to improve your writing
  • Learn easy grammar tips
  • How to punctuate properly
  • Tips on spelling, word choice & clean writing
  • How to avoid redundancies & repetition (which is biggest issues for new writers)
  • Inclusive language in writing
  • Helpful module for writers, students & entrepreneurs

Core 4 

  • Core 4 of the Memory to Memoir e-Course but helpful for other genres also
  • Understand importance of the 3 stages of editing
  • Learn self-editing tips
  • How to set up a word document for writing & editing
  • How to use Track Changes
  • How to use ProWritingAid
  • Essential editing info & processes
  • Editing is crucial

Core 5 - Memoir

  • Core 5 of the Memory to Memoir e-Course but helpful for all genres
  • Learn about how to traditionally publish your book
  • How to self-publish using Print-on-Demand
  • Assisted, Hybrid & DIY Publishing
  • How to publish on Amazon KDP
  • How to publish on IngramSpark
  • Helpful to decide which publishing option is best for you


  • This is not a core module but recommended.
  • Copyright
  • Permissions
  • Defamation
  • Agreements & Contracts
  • Bonus Defamation interview with a legal expert on how to protect yourself when writing your life story
  • Note this is not legal advice
  • Always seek independent legal advice

Core 6

  • Final Core module in the Memory to Memoir e-Course but super-useful for all genres
  • Marketing Fundamentals for your Writing Business and/or Book
  • Bonus Plans
  • Online Book Marketing
  • Offline Book Marketing
  • Author Speaking Opportunities
  • The Audio Revolution
  • Bonus templates & resources

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