Want to Write your Memoir?

Leeza Baric (Author - Mentor - Speaker) invites you to join her exclusive

Write Your Memoir - 3 Month Mentoring Program.

Start Writing Your Book Now!

Yes, I'd Love that!

Want to write your LIFE STORY but not sure how to start?

Do you need information about the writing and publishing process?

Need help to structure those ideas and turn the events of your life into an interesting story?

Are you procrastinating or feeling frustrated?

Do you want feedback & guidance?

A lack of knowledge and/or confidence can stop people from writing. Having someone to get them started can make all the difference!

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Plan & Structure Your Book

There are different ways you can write a life story. We will discuss creative ways you can write your story and the process of writing a book. We will Mind-Map your story and turn it into Chapter Outlines as a guide for you to start.

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Learn Valuable Writing Skills

You may only ever want to write one book or you may want a career as a writer. I will teach you quickly and simply how to improve your writing for this book which will also benefit your other writing.

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Start And/Or Finish Your Book

My mentoring is designed around YOUR needs. I can get you started so you can write at your own leisure or I can keep you accountable to finish your book within a timeframe. I am here to teach, guide, keep you accountable and have some fun.

How Does It Work?

Book in a Chat with Leeza

This will take you to Calendly.com where you will book in a time that suits you. 


Free consultation with Leeza

Here you will both decide if you are a good fit to work together


Book Planning Session

You will start with a Book Planning Session where you work out the structure of your book and how to move forward with your project. 


Fortnightly Chapter Review & Feedback

You will send in chapters of your writing for Leeza to give feedback.


Fortnightly Zoom Mentoring

Fortnightly you will meet with Leeza online to discuss your work and for guidance and support. 


Unlimited email support


Why listen to me?

I have a Masters of Creative Writing, Diploma of Education and Bachelor of Arts (English Literature).

I also wrote about 50 first chapters before I got it right for my epic family story. Talk about frustration! I wish I had someone to guide me through the process - it would have saved a lot of time and hair-pulling!

But what really counts is...I know what it takes to write a book!



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The Books I've Written...

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Narelle Hudson

I wrote my book over eight years, so it needed much assistance with structuring all the different parts into one cohesive text. Leeza helped to make my book sequential and flow without repetition; to have the correct tense throughout, and good sentence structure. The content was very personal to me so it required someone warm and objective to read it. She was a pleasure to work with. The job was done in a timely manner with professionalism and respect for my writing. I could not be happier with the final result and would not hesitate to recommend Leeza and her work to anyone.

Holding the Baby Dream

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Chris Jankolvski

You made the experience of writing my first book a smooth and easy process. When I couldn’t see beyond the timeline of my story, you managed to help me structure my story, eliminate and incorporate just enough information with each chapter. You managed to capture my voice in a very uncanny way. Working with was a pleasure and as a result, I feel we have created a captivating book.

Just Keep Going

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Rachel Scoltock

Working with Leeza Baric on my second book was one of the best things I could have done. She approached everything with warmth, support and professionalism. I felt encouraged all the way. My book needed a lot of tweaking and Leeza helped me get clarity. I was in dire need of another perspective and Leeza delivered with gentle honesty. She is a skilled writer and empathic mentor. Her work helped me to become a better writer. I have a book I can be proud of, and it has received some great reviews. I am very grateful to Leeza for all her hard work.

My Life with Angels

Writing A Book Takes Commitment


This is an exclusive Mentoring Program designed to your needs, therefore I can only work with a limited number of people at at time.

The only requirement is that you are committed to showing up and doing the work to achieve your goal.

If this is you, please book in a chat to see if we would be a good fit to work together.


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