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Have you always wanted to write your life, family story, or self help book, but not sure how?

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Never written a book before?

Need help to turn the facts of your life into an interesting story?

Want to turn your life story into a self-help book?

 Not sure about the processes of writing, editing, cover design, self-publishing and marketing your book?

Are you procrastinating or feeling overwhelmed with all the information out there?

Do you want guidance & support to write your book?

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Having a step-by-step progam with live mentoring can make all the difference to help you write & publish your book!

Benefits of Writing Your Story

Hold your book in your hands

Leave a legacy for your family

Use the book as a business card for your business

Share your story and inspire others

Leeza Baric (Author & Mentor) presents a comprehensive, yet easy to follow course to help you write and self-publish your life story. With her Masters of Creative Writing and years of experience, Leeza can show you how. 

You will get a  new Module sent out to you weekly (plus Bonus Modules). You don't want information overload, you want clarity and direction. Work at your own pace through the online portal and use the 6 Live Writing Classes to ask questions and get the support you need to write your book. The course goes for 8 weeks with a 2 week break for writing in between. 

You don't have to be an experienced writer - simply follow the course step by step, do the activities, keep writing, and by the end of the 8 weeks you will have Draft 1 of your book. 

Everything you need to know to write & publish your life story

Online portal with video & audio lessons, recommended tools, resources, templates, prompts, & a workbook to guide you through the process. Plus 6 Weeks of Live Mentoring, Writing Time, and a Private Facebook Group for continual support.

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What you'll learn...

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Pre Writing 

Planning and Preparation is the key to setting you up for success. We look at writing from a holistic approach of mind, body and spirit. 

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Learn the Art and Craft of writing for a sliver of the cost of a Masters degree. This is where the magic happens! 

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Post Writing

 Editing, Formatting, Cover Design, Publishing Options & Marketing Fundamentals. This course shows you HOW.

Happy Clients

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Chris Jankolvski

You made the experience of writing my first book a smooth and easy process. When I couldn’t see beyond the timeline of my story, you managed to help me structure my story, eliminate and incorporate just enough information with each chapter. You managed to capture my voice in a very uncanny way. Working with you was a pleasure and as a result, I feel we have created a captivating book.

                                                                                        Just Keep Going

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Narelle Hudson

I wrote my book over eight years, so it needed much assistance with structuring all the different parts into one cohesive text. Leeza helped to make my book sequential and flow without repetition; to have the correct tense throughout, and good sentence structure. The content was very personal to me so it required someone warm and objective to read it. She was a pleasure to work with. The job was done in a timely manner with professionalism and respect for my writing. I could not be happier with the final result and would not hesitate to recommend Leeza and her work to anyone.

Holding the Baby Dream

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Rachel Scoltock

Working with Leeza Baric on my second book was one of the best things I could have done. She approached everything with warmth, support and professionalism. I felt encouraged all the way. My book needed a lot of tweaking and Leeza helped me get clarity. I was in dire need of another perspective and Leeza delivered with gentle honesty. She is a skilled writer and empathic mentor. Her work helped me to become a better writer. I have a book I can be proud of, and it has received some great reviews. I am very grateful to Leeza for all her hard work.

My Life with Angels

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Natalie Nixon

Awesome session this morning with my writing coach!! I believe that if you want to be good at anything then you need a great coach, someone who has succeeded at it before you!! All of those fabulous athletes we have witnessed in Rio have coaches. Do you have a book in you? Talk to Leeza, it's a lot of hard work but so much fun!!!


Blue Almond Eyes

Starts Monday 24th August 2020

(Finishes 19 October)

This Writing Course is for you if...

You want a step-by-step writing course.

You want guidance and support

You want to write a quality book.

You want to know the processes of writing, editing, formatting, cover design, self-publishing and marketing a book.

You want to know which publishing option is for you and how to do it.

You want to learn the fundamentals of marketing.

You like online, independent learning with live mentoring as support.

You're a bit quirky and love self-development or a holistic approach to writing and learning!

This is why I created my Memory to Memoir Writing Course

My name is Leeza Baric and I believe that our stories inform, inspire and entertain others. I believe that our stories can change the world. Call me an idealist!

I believe that the pen is mightier than the sword and I've been writing stories ever since I could hold a pencil. 

Writing is my life! I've written articles for local and national publications, edited and mentored people to help them write their stories, taught creative writing classes, been a ghostwriter, and written my own books. For me it's all about the story.

I know what it's like to have that burning desire to write a book and share your message but not feel sure how to do it. 

I've combined my Masters degree, Post-graduate Diploma in Education and my Bachelor of Arts in English Literature PLUS my love of self-development, to live my dream of writing and helping others write their stories. 

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Books I've Written/Helped Write

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So... What's Included In The Course?

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1) Life Story Defined - Challenges & Rewards

Life Story Defined

The Challenges of Writing Life Story

How to Write about  Trauma 

Secrets of Writing a Good Memoir 

The Rewards of writing a Memoir

2) Ideas, Structure & Style

Creative Ways to Write Your Life story

How to Spark Ideas & Access Memory

Turning Ideas into a Structure for your Book

Finding your Voice & Style

The Process of Writing Your Book


3) The Art & Craft of Writing a Memoir

Different Approaches to Writing a Life story

Riveting Hooks

Facing the Blank Page

How to pad out the Details Using Narrative Elements

How to Bring Your Writing Alive

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4) Crash Course in Writing

Easy Grammar

Active Versus Passive Voice


Spelling & Word Choices

Redundancies & Repetition


5) Editing Essentials

3 Stages of Editing (Structural, Copy editing & Proofreading)

How to use Track Changes

Version Control

Self-editing Tips

How to Find Good Editors

6) Publishing Options

Traditional Publishing & Bonus "How to Write Proposal/Synopsis"

Self-Publishing using print on Demand & Bonus How to Self-Publish on Amazon

DIY Publishing

Assisted Publishing Packages

Deciding Which one is Right for You

Are You Ready to Write Your Memoir?

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10 Modules

6x Modules PLUS 4x Bonus Modules catering to all learning styles. Video, Audio & Transcripts.

Value: $2000

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Guided Workbook

This will be your creative guide with information and exercises to help you through all stages.

Value: $50

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Live Mentoring

6x Weekly Coaching sessions via Zoom to ask questions, learn writing tips & share your progress.

Value: $1200

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Private Memoir Facebook Group

For extra support and to keep yourself accountable. 


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Value of $3250

$2000 worth of Modules

$50 Workbook

$1200 worth Live mentoring

Here's what you can get it for:

Your Investment

One Off Payment



Payment Plan

AUD$480 a month

3 x monthly payments of $480

(20% more than One Off Payment)

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Course Bonuses

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B1) Planning & Preparation BEFORE you Start Writing 

Your Why?

Rituals for Writers - Creating Habits

Creating a healthy Writing Ecosystem

Author Mindset & Self-care for the Writer

Tools for the Writer

B2) Research for Writing

How to Organise Your Research

How to Interview for a Life Story

Walking the Walk- Fieldwork & Travel

Genealogy - How Researching Your Family Tree can help Your Story

Weaving Research into Your Story


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B3) Legal Mumbo Jumbo for Authors





Publishing Contracts

Bonus Interview with Legal Expert

B4) How to Market Your Book & Build Your Author Presence

Goals & Intentions

Exclusivity with Amazon Versus Going Wide

How to Use Social Media to Market Your Book without Going insane

Book Marketing & PR Offline

The Audio Revolution & How to Create an Audio Book


Frequently Asked Questions

Your Investment

One Off Payment



Payment Plan

AUD$480 a month

3 x monthly payments $480   

(20% more than the One Off Payment)

Buy Now
Buy Now
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"I have been, of recent, exploring teachers and mentors who are able to help budding authors to take steps from their first word to print. These were offering rapid programs (a weekend retreat) to help create a book and along with that a price tag that is out of this world. The one element I felt with each of these programs is that they are simply selling a system. What inspires me about Leeza and her teaching and mentoring is that she has a deep passion for writing as well as her proven system. The word is ignited within her and she will certainly ignite your flame for writing. Thank you Leeza for your safe space that you hold for each of your students allowing them to truly know that their word is worth sharing." (Elle, QLD, Australia)

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