Narelle Hudson

I wrote my book over eight years, so it needed much assistance with structuring all the different parts into one cohesive text. Leeza helped to make my book sequential and flow without repetition; to have the correct tense throughout, and good sentence structure. The content was very personal to me so it required someone warm and objective to read it. She was a pleasure to work with. The job was done in a timely manner with professionalism and respect for my writing. I could not be happier with the final result and would not hesitate to recommend Leeza and her work to anyone.

Holding the Baby Dream

Chris Jankolvski

You made the experience of writing my first book a smooth and easy process. When I couldn’t see beyond the timeline of my story, you managed to help me structure my story, eliminate and incorporate just enough information with each chapter. You managed to capture my voice in a very uncanny way. Working with you was a pleasure and as a result, I feel we have created a captivating book.

Just Keep Going

Rachel Scoltock

Working with Leeza Baric on my second book was one of the best things I could have done. She approached everything with warmth, support and professionalism. I felt encouraged all the way. My book needed a lot of tweaking and Leeza helped me get clarity. I was in dire need of another perspective and Leeza delivered with gentle honesty. She is a skilled writer and empathic mentor. Her work helped me to become a better writer. I have a book I can be proud of, and it has received some great reviews. I am very grateful to Leeza for all her hard work.

My Life with Angels

Natalie Nixon

Awesome session this morning with my writing coach!! I believe that if you want to be good at anything then you need a great coach, someone who has succeeded at it before you!! All of those fabulous athletes we have witnessed in Rio have coaches. Do you have a book in you? Talk to Leeza, it's a lot of hard work but so much fun!!!

Blue Almond Eyes

Lauren Kurth

Thank you Leeza for your wonderful, insightful and heartfelt workshop. You have inspired me and given me tools for self development for life.

Brent Couling

I am very appreciative of Leeza’s services. I find after Leeza has edited my work and offered me her input, my work has become more clear and concise. Thank you for a wonderful and valuable service.

Leonie Sims

I really enjoyed the Wobbly Woman Workshop & I appreciated the information I gained from you & Guy. The input of the other participants was really supportive & I highly recommend it to all, whatever their aspirations.

Carolyn Brunner

Accept my sincere and warmest thanks for all the different editing work you have done so well for me. I look forward to sending more writing your way, what a great service. I certainly appreciate your feedback and your encouragement. I always incorporate all your suggestions and corrections and I do feel that my work is much better for them. Thanks for everything. Your advice was greatly appreciated. Working with you was a pleasure.

Kristen Guy

I want to thank you for a great day on Wobbly Woman. Keep up presenting together. You gave us so much information and so well presented. Your testimony to forgiveness and working hard on your relationship was beautiful to see and it showed through all day to us all. The workbook is an on-going tool for me and so much in it to explore for myself over the weeks and months ahead. A fantastic workshop. Well done.


Thank you so much Leeza for opening a new door of creativity for me. I love the way you inspired me with your passion, and I believed in myself enough to write a few amazing poems and the start of an exciting story which is still in the process. I love words even more now that you’ve shown me a way to piece them together. I am so grateful and I’m looking forward to the next workshop.