Creative Ways to Write a Life Story

In this week's blog, we will look at different ways you can write your life story.

Check out my short 8-minute Writing Tips Tuesday video if you like visuals, or enjoy the blog below to discover new and creative ways you can write your autobiography or memoir. There are so many exciting ways that you can express your individuality and share your story.


This is a video I recorded previously, but it has great information, and tips & visuals.


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The Umbrella Term of Life Story

I like to use the term life story to encompass all the different ways we can tell our true-life stories. Think of it as an umbrella term which includes biography, autobiography, personal essays, memoir or family stories.

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What is the...

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Moving Back & Forth in Time when Writing Memoir

In today’s #WritingTipsTuesday I will be sharing some personal updates and have a discussion about the writing process of going back and forth in time when writing a memoir. I will give you an example of how I did this in my journalling and how you can apply it to your own writing. There are also some examples of how other writers effectively weave in and out of different timeframes in memoir.

Click on the image to watch the Facebook Live or read the transcripts below.




I do want to remind people that life story – it’s a huge umbrella. It’s an umbrella term because autobiography as you know – it’s really a chronological account of your life story, pretty much starting from birth to wherever you are at. But Memoir is focusing on one particular aspect or them of your life and really digging deep into that. 

I find it really interesting because...

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How to Pad out the Details of your Memoir

Using Narrative Elements to Pad out the Detail of your Memoir


Planning or creating chapter outlines is a great start to writing your memoir but some people have trouble padding out the details and crafting their life events into a narrative. So, there is an art to writing memoir and this blog explains briefly how you can do that.


I’ve had some clients hand me 500 words on a few pieces of paper and say, “This is my story, how do I turn it into a book.” Or, some have sent through 20,000 or 40,000 words, but it’s really a list of memories, not a story.


You don’t want your book to be a list or a series of events (no matter how interesting or intriguing they may be). You want to shape and mould them into a story so that the reader will be hooked and keep turning the page.




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How to Decide whether to write your Life Story or turn it into Fiction

How to decide whether to write your true life or family story or turn it into fiction

If you’re considering writing your life or family story and are unsure whether to keep it a true account or whether turning it into fiction is better for you, this article may help you decide and show you how to do it.

I interviewed my client, Natalie Nixon about her family story, Blue Almond Eyes – An Australian story of forbidden love, where she shared her writing processes and why she decided to fictionalise her life story.The case study offers extra information, writing tips, videos and resources to help you throughout your process.

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The biggest issue holding people back is a lack of confidence in their writing ability or concerns about how they can tell their story. If you haven’t already got your copy of my inspirational and informative ebook, Write Your Life Story Without Fear, you can download it now and read it before you continue on...

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Memories in Memoir

How do you know which memories to use in a memoir?

Writing your memoir is a bit like detective work. You have to sleuth your way through memories, discarding some, rearranging others and investigating further to gain meaning for your story and for your life.


1) The role of memory in writing your memoir and the question “whose version of the truth is correct?”

2) How to access your memories and uncover stories or different perspectives about yourself

3) Uncovering what you are choosing to forget and whether that belongs in your story

4) How to weave reflection and hindsight into your memoir


My Writing Tips Tuesday this week touches on memory in memoir and I share some personal stories of how my memories affected the writing of my family story.

Writing your life story can be a daunting prospect for you if you are writing about difficult or challenging people or situations.



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