How to Decide whether to write your Life Story or turn it into Fiction

How to decide whether to write your true life or family story or turn it into fiction

If you’re considering writing your life or family story and are unsure whether to keep it a true account or whether turning it into fiction is better for you, this article may help you decide and show you how to do it.

I interviewed my client, Natalie Nixon about her family story, Blue Almond Eyes – An Australian story of forbidden love, where she shared her writing processes and why she decided to fictionalise her life story.The case study offers extra information, writing tips, videos and resources to help you throughout your process.

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The biggest issue holding people back is a lack of confidence in their writing ability or concerns about how they can tell their story. If you haven’t already got your copy of my inspirational and informative ebook, Write Your Life Story Without Fear, you can download it now and read it before you continue on...

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