Author Mindset - Inspiration to Help You Start or Finish Writing Your Book

Jun 29, 2021

What's stopping you from writing that book you've always wanted to write or finishing that book you've started?

In today's Writing Tips Blog I'll be sharing a snippet from my Memory to Memoir - How to Write Your Life Story e-course, to inspire and motivate you to write your book.

And... to give you a little taste of what my e-courses are like.



Author Mindset

In this lesson we'll discuss:

  • Fears about writing and how FEAR is a good thing
  • Obstacles that may stop you from writing
  • Your inner critic and how to let go of limiting beliefs
  • Avoiding the opinions of outer critics
  • Finding the courage to write and share your story



We're all creative beings and have something unique to offer. The way we tell our story will resonate with different people. While you think topics or stories may have already been said and done, it hasn't been said and done by you!


It's important to look at your creative energy cycle and to figure out what works best for you. 

Be Bold!

Be Brave!

Write Your Book!


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Keep writing




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